An exciting Finance Module in Zurich

Oct 23 2018
by Livia Lima Graf


The Executive M.B.L.-HSG Finance Module took place between 10th and 15th September 2018 and was hosted by Baker McKenzie, in Zurich (Switzerland). The program was a mix of lectures of the different approaches in the various spheres of finance, such as in private baking and in criminal prosecution. The group this time was more international, classmates coming from countries such as Peru, Brazil, Luxemburg and England, just to name a few. It was great to exchange experiences about finance from professionals from different backgrounds.

On the first day, the co-chairman Dr. Stefan R. Sulzer started with a general introduction of Finance. He works for Alcon in Texas and gave us an overview of the great history of the company. He was very enthusiastic, kept our attention during the classes at a high level. Dr. Sulzer gave us an indepth overview of Finance in Business Law. In the afternoon we had a very interesting swiss case study on the legal financial center and lobbying aspects. We finished this first day with a valuable wrap up.

The second day Dr. Stephan Hutter gave us an indepth overview of Global Equity Offerings – what it means, the legal framework and processes related to it. The highlight of the day was in the afternoon with professor Lauren Dickie. She discussed how the Commission (“SEC”) is increasingly focused on prosecutions of U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and the Securities Exchange companies and individuals of the United States. Very experienced professional on the topic.

On the third day we started with Capital Markets transactions and Debt Financing. Continuing with the lectures before the lunch break we had a lecture by professor Sina R. Hekmat, who gave us an indepth pre-material, which allowed us to better understand the differences between securities, generally speaking, in the US and EU. The group presentation was also well prepared and touched upon the important points. The afternoon could not have been better! We had an important and one of the most discussed topics of the moment: Token Generation Event. Mr Ganzoni is an expert on the subject and kept our attention all the time. The students were all interested and amazed with the topic.

On the fourth day, Philip S. Bagdasarianz showed us the world of Private Banking  - about assets, the investor and how to define an investment strategy, as well as about tactical investment decisions and portfolio. Interesting topic for those who are in the private baking and wanted to know a bit more on how to better advise their clients. The day finished with the Zurich Money Tour. An interesting history about the country of the banks as it is known in the rest of the world. Even for those from Zurich, some of the history details were surprising. 

The fifth day was also great – Dr. Sulzer and his colleague Daniel Weiss have enthusiastically shared with us their experience from Alcon acquisition. They both participated significantly on this transaction and we all found it fascinating.

Saturday morning was a challenge for us, but we made it. After an intensive week, we had an exam and I believe we could all answer the questions, as the class was involved, focused, participative and the professors were very qualified. The Finance module was very interesting and it was by far the most exciting.  I could learn so much and always something new. The class was also very important, which made this module very special.