Experiences of an Executive M.B.L.-HSG alumnus - Patrick Baumgartner

May 12 2016

Patrick Baumgartner is Executive M.B.L.-HSG alumnus 2014/2015 and is working as Legal Counsel at Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke AG in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Why did you choose to do the Executive M.B.L.-HSG program?

A friend of mine, who already attended the program, had told me about all the benefits it provided. Since I had already been interested in attending an international program for a longer period of time I went to the roadshow and got convinced quickly. That my boss, at the law firm I worked for, decided to attend the program as well was an additional unsuspected but beneficial surprise.

What was your motivation in applying for the program having a law degree already?

Working as a lawyer, I got into contact with numerous international clients in a broad field of activity. I wanted to improve my professional skills and that was exactly what the Executive M.B.L.-HSG program offered.

What did you get out of it – professionally and personally?
You being an associate at a law firm - what was the additional benefit for you?

My English skills improved dramatically. Also, I got insights into many fields of legal activity which proved to be very helpful, especially regarding Mergers & Acquisitions and Compliance.

How did you benefit from the different professional, educational (lawyers, business people, public administrators, engineers) and national backgrounds in the course?

This was one of the most outstanding benefits the program provided. I was impressed by how for example engineers solve problems. They went from start to goal very quickly whereas I as a lawyer tended to spend much more time on the way. I learned a lot about efficiency from them. Another point to be mentioned is that I became friends with people from all over the world which I most probably would never have met outside the program.

You worked 100% during the program. What were the challenges of combing job and studies?

The most challenging part of combining job and studies was that work at the law firm didn’t stand still. I always had to keep an eye on my e-mails and deadlines. But this was not a downside of the program. On the contrary, I became much more organized and structured during the program.

Would you recommend the program to colleagues/friends? If yes, why?

I already recommended it to numerous colleagues. They often want to improve their professional skills but do not want or do not have the chance to stay away from their job for an entire year like in an LL.M. program. The Executive M.B.L.-HSG with its flying classroom system is in my opinion the perfect choice for them.

What did you particularly like outside the classroom (e.g. field trips, free time with students, receptions, dinners, cultural events, city tours, course locations)?

I highly enjoyed spending time with my friends from the program in exciting places like for example Tokyo, New York and Austin. Also, I highly appreciated the perfectly organized field-trips for example to a local courthouse in Shanghai.

How did you benefit from the networking opportunities given (co-students and faculty)?

In the program you get to know a lot of highly interesting people from all over the world from a very personal side. It cannot be compared with classical networking opportunities. I benefited a lot – from a professional and a personal side.

Which was your favorite module and why?

This question is tricky to answer. I liked the Austin module very much. The topic – Energy Law – was somehow exotic which made it even more interesting. And the city was just thrilling. I also loved the New York module. The speakers there were just outstanding! But overall my favorite module was Tokyo. The focus of this module was on legal and economical as well as on cultural topics. I will never forget the speech of Dr. Urs Schöttli which made me look at Japan with different eyes. I guess that he was one of the reasons why I visited Japan again just half a year after the end of the program.