„The Notion of Business Law and Economic Law“ in St.Gallen

Jul 3 2018
by Jurica Miketa

On 11th June 2018, the first module of the Executive M.B.L.-HSG program began. Candidates with various business backgrounds and from all over the world such as, Great Britain, Austria, Croatia, Russia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany and Czech Republic were on board for the first flying module of the Executive M.B.L.-HSG program in St. Gallen.

The first week of the two-week module began after a warm welcome by the Executive M.B.L.-HSG team and a brief presentation of the program with the history of the European Union and its integration.

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Halten (Yale), who knows how to teach the content in a very authentic and lively way, has thoroughly outlined the basic principles and constitutional aspects of EU law.

The first day was rounded off with a joint get-together and traditional eglifilet dinner event at the E.M.B.L-HSG offices, with a wonderful view over the city of St. Gallen.

After getting to know each other the day before, the lectures continued punctually the next day. The topics were very broad. The focus was on European law and the EU economy. Dr. Reto Malacrida LL.M., MA guided the candidates through the law of the WTO and gave an interesting insight behind the scenes of the WTO institution. In the foreground of course, were the current trade problems between the US and the EU.

Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruigrok presented his experiences in the field of international management and strategy and the numerous current cases from practice and what a company as a global player has to respect.

After a very exciting guided tour of the HSG Art Collection at the University of St.Gallen Campus, Dr. Ekkehard Kuppel led the candidates through a very good presentation on "Sustainable Leadership and Performace People Purpose".

Dr. Kuppel demonstrated the particular challenges for CEOs to form a good team and establish the three dimensions of the concept "It (business and tasks), We (relationships), and I (self)" among the employees.

Dr. iur. Peter Doerr completed his lecture on "Global Lawyers-Do's and Dont's" in the middle of the week. He showed us how to manage the legal complexity and how to balance conflicts of interest based on the many practical cases involved.

The first week ended with group work. We were divided into small groups and each group has analyzed a legal EU case. Using the learnt material from the previous days, each group presented the case in a joint presentation and put themselves up for discussion. After the successful presentation, there was still time for a birthday serenade for a candidate.

Week 2

During the second week, the candidates were led through the program by Dr. Philipp Speitler, Judge at County Court Baden-Württemberg. This week’s program also offered numerous topics, such as: Dr. iur. Hinderling, well-known specialist in employment law, spoke to the candidates about labor law as well as the digital age. Dr. Philipp Speitler explained the focus of the European IP law and EU Trademark law.

Then followed discussions on the perspectives and positions of the companies. These included the lectures by PD Dr. Thomas Werlen LL.M, Attorney at Law, on "Introduction to corporate governance", by Prof. Dr. Andreas Binder on "Corporate Governments Developments”, by Lic. iur. Bruno Heynen, Attorney at Law and Notary LL.M lectures on "A company's perspective“, by Dr.bStephan Hostettler on  "Compensation Issues" and by Philippe Huber MJUR, Attorney at Law on "Shareholder activism".

This block was characterized by the fact that the speakers especially understood how to put the theory into practice and apply it effectively. This allowed them to provide the participants with a particularly good and realistic perspective from the perspective of a company. Afterwards, a panel discussion took place in which numerous questions were posed by the candidates.

Further through the week, the focus was on compliance issues and tax law.  Dr. Hans-Joachim Jaeger impressed with his presentation about trends in the field of taxation and with Dr. Nadine Herrmann LL.M, the candidates discussed the Uber Case and its effects.

Prof. Dr. IUR Grolimund LL.M ended the week with a lecture on Contract Law, followed by a lecture and discussion with Dr. Speitler about Brexit on the basis of the "Norwegian Model".

The first module in St. Gallen was challenging and demanding. My expectations were exceeded and the shared experiences make the time unforgettable.

The content of the lectures was up to date and the speakers were great. In addition to the very tight program, we still found enough time to appreciate the culture of the city of St. Gallen. We had a great city tour and together we visited the cathedral and the library.

The „Flying Classes“ are an excellent and unique opportunity for me to exchange ideas with my new colleagues and friends and to promote professional and personal development. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to participate. A special thanks goes to the Execuitve M.B.L-HSG team, they did a great job with the organization and the atmosphere was fantastic!