Prof. Dr. Ulrich Haltern winner of the ‘Outstanding Teacher Award’ 2014/2015

Dec 3 2015

The 19th Executive M.B.L.-HSG class, which graduated on 28 November 2015, elected Prof. Dr. Ulrich Haltern, LL.M. (Yale) as their favorite speaker during their 18 months studies.

Ulrich Haltern is Professor of German and Foreign Public Law, European Union Law and International Law at Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg.

He has been part of the Executive M.B.L.-HSG faculty since 2010 and is chairman of the St.Gallen module ‘Introduction to European and International Business Law’.

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We took the chance to ask our outstanding teacher 2014/2015 a few questions:

You have won the outstanding teacher award for the 2nd time already. From your perspective, what makes a good teacher/lecturer?

Of course, this is a question for students to answer, really.  I have had wonderful and engaging teachers, all very different from each other.  However, I cannot imagine a good teacher who (1) does not love the subject s/he teaches (and thinks about it deeply), and who (2) does not love his or her students (and engages with them deeply).
That said, I guess a good teacher cares deeply about who and what s/he teaches, and is passionate about both.

The Executive M.B.L.-HSG celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. What do you think is special about the program?

This links back to the first question.  If teaching is fun when the students and the subjects you teach are great, teaching as part of the Executive M.B.L.-HSG is the greatest fun of all.
The subjects we touch upon are among the most exciting and vibrant in the world, and the students are fantastic: with their various national and professional backgrounds, they are uniquely capable and intellectually curious; they are never shy to contribute, and are exceedingly smart and nice.  It is this amazing student body - and the faculty all over the world we have chosen to match these students - that make the Executive M.B.L.-HSG special.

The 19th Executive M.B.L.-HSG class just graduated in St.Gallen. What advice would you like to give them for the future?

Stay who you are:  Continue to be serious and passionate about what you do; and with all the fortune and power you are likely to amass, be a mensch.

Congratulations, Prof. Haltern!