Introduction to the alumni board: Roger Bachmann

Roger H. Bachmann, MLaw, MBA, Fund & Asset Management Officer SFAMA, Compliance Manager, Executive M.B.L.-HSG is Director at Credit Suisse, lecturer in Compliance at the Executive M.B.L.-HSG and responsible for finance within the Executive M.B.L.-HSG Alumni Association  

Please quickly describe your background?
I have a dual academic background (lawyer with skills in business and economics), grew up in the French speaking part of Switzerland (la Romandie). Today I live in Zurich and work for Credit Suisse leading a team responsible for regulatory foresight & strategic impact within the international wealth management business. Beside my work, my huge interest lays in contemporary art. I collect art but also run a start-up to promote art online.

What is the mission or purpose of the Executive M.B.L.-HSG Alumni Association?
Bringing together people who have gathered a common unique experience: a flying classroom all over the world at top league universities and an excellent learning effect.  

What is your personal mission as CFO of the Alumni Association?
In the Alumni Board my area of responsibility is finance. My task is to create transparent and simple, understandable financial statements and budgets. This planning allows the Alumni Association to promote interesting networking activities on the one hand and to conserve assets for future generations. My personal mission is to support, together with the other board members, the Executive M.B.L.-HSG program.

What do you particularly enjoy about the CFO role in the Executive M.B.L.-HSG Alumni Association?
I very much love the experience of how much can be influenced with a low budget and reasonable effort. One example is the achieved cost efficiency due to the integration of the Executive M.B.L.-HSG Alumni Association into the HSG Alumni Association. Furthermore, I like the spirit and problem-solving attitude within the Alumni Board: the style of communication and debates regarding the financial support of the program is just one of the positive examples I have in mind. 

What do you especially look forward to in the year 2018 - either personally or in connection with the alumni association?
Personally, I am looking forward to welcoming, together with Patrizia Köbeli (deputy director), our son in early March. We are first-time parents and cannot wait until we will be a family.

When it comes to the Alumni Association, I am looking forward to meeting my colleagues at the Annual Alumni Reunion 2018 in Copenhagen taking place from 27.09.2018 until 29.09.2018. Please do not forget to register and to join this exceptional opportunity to celebrate with like-minded people.

What did you get out of the Executive M.B.L.-HSG program – professionally? How did you benefit from the networking opportunities given (co-students, faculty, alumni)?
Professionally, I learned how to pay attention on the broad aspects when conducting cross border business. Furthermore, I understand due to the program, the importance of acting “glocally” (thinking global without negating being compliant to local rules & regs).

I did benefit greatly from the very strong HSG network: HSG Alumni promotes my company ArtExchanger Ltd. as a start-up company. ArtExchanger ( stands for an innovative company in the art industry, which provides an online platform to exhibit, sell and buy art. In addition, for me the regular contacts between the institute and the alumni association is another important networking factor - friendships as well as sparring partnerships grew over the years. Thank you all for this support.