Module 2 - Tokyo - 2013/2014

19.08.2013 to 23.08.2013
Introduction to Japanese Law and Business


Prof. Akio Shimizu
Prof. Takao Suami


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Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world and the financial, industrial, and commercial center of Japan. It is also a birthplace of high technology, which explains Japan’s key role in the area of intellectual property law, a topic of critical importance both for the overall economy and for individual companies. We will also introduce you to the most important legal concepts and issues of the World Trade Organization. As one of the leading players of the WTO, Japan is an ideal place to study WTO law. The so called ‹Public International Law of Economic Globalization› pervades national and European law. Solid knowledge in this field is essential. Waseda University, one of the leading private universities of Asia and the world, is our partner.

  • Doing Business in Japan from a European and a Japanese Perspective
  • Managing an International Company in Japan
  • Basics of the Japanese Business Legal System and the Law in Action
  • Current Trade Relations in Asia
  • Basic Structure of the WTO
  • Dispute Resolution in International Trade
  • Anti-Dumping
  • Anti-Subsidies and Trade Barriers
  • R&D Strategies
  • IP Law & Protecting IP Rights
  • M&A

This module can be done independently from the full Executive M.B.L.-HSG program, for more information contact



Dr. Gregory Bournet
Pierre Gaulis
Hiroyuki Hagiwara
Prof. Yoichiro Hamabe
Hiroyuki Hirayama
Prof. Jusuke Ikegami
Prof. Ichiro Nakayama
Prof. Masataka Ota
Takeshi Sasaki
Dr. Urs Schöttli
Takamitsu Shigetomi
Prof. Akio Shimizu
Martin Stricker
Prof. Takao Suami
Masau Takayanagi
Osamu Umejima