Module Luxembourg - 2017/2018

20.11.2017 to 25.11.2017
Litigation & Lobbying


Prof. Dr. Alberto Alemanno
Michael-James Clifton
Prof. Dr. Daniel Sarmiento


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In order to understand today's European and international business environment, a broad basic knowledge of the legal strategies and techniques used by business actors to influence the policy process is needed. These range from advocacy tools such as public consultation and impact assessment to litigation before national, European and international courts. Policies are typically shared by various interest representatives and often time they end up being challenged before a court of law. Luxembourg is the seat of both the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and of the EFTA Court. This is where crucial decisions for the functioning of the European single market are taken. Classes are based on real-world case studies.

  • Core Elements of Strategic Corporate Communication in Public Affairs
  • Applying the Lobbying Toolkit - Case Studies in Europe
  • The Challenges of Lobbying the Legislature
  • Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • European Procedural Law
  • Litigation before the European Courts
  • International Private Law and Procedure
  • Hearing at the CJEU and/or EFTA Court
  • Moot Court

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Prof. Dr. Alberto Alemanno
András Baneth
Carl Baudenbacher
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Carl Baudenbacher
Dr. Alan Hardacre
Dr. iur. Patrizia Köbeli
Dr. Wienand Meilicke
Prof. Dr. Daniel Sarmiento
Dr. Gianluca Sgueo
Prof. Dr. Thomas von Danwitz
Jon Worth