Managing Director, Verve International Company Ltd, Shanghai
Area of Expertise: 
Chinese Business

Jordan is the founder of China’s Leading Promotional & Event Staffing Agency, Verve International. Verve provides staffing for events and brand promotions throughout not only China & Asia, but also for events & exhibitions now globally. Only 2 years old, Verve International has grown rapidly and has become synonymous with branding, promotions & guerilla marketing. Verve now provides event management services for various FMCG, Sports & Hotel Group Brands across China, including Budweiser, Marriott, BMW & F1. Verve is also one of the first companies to provide guerilla marketing services, which, in China, has been considered taboo until recently.
Having previously worked in various Management roles with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Bacardi China and Bacardi Asia Pacific, Jordan then founded his company with a unique business model and offering – one that allows for clients globally to have staffing support – no matter what country they will exhibit or promote in around the world.
Professionally fluent in Mandarin, Russian and Spanish, Jordan has had to adapt to frequently changing market situations, and has developed an in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture and company dynamics.
Always looking to grow and learn, Jordan loves building networks, meeting new and exciting people, and building his business with a smile on his face!